Many thanks for our course setters Darren Robinson and John Phillips. Straight off of the Mt. Pinos course setting clinic, they took on Barton Flats and did a great job!

Full volunteer list:
Meet Director - Clare Durand
Course Setters - Darren Robinson, John Phillips
Preregistration - Allan Pincus
On site registration - Clare Durand
Start/Finish - Harvey Woo
ePunch - Rich Hoesly, Darren Robinson
Control Pickup - Darren Robinson, Roland Hansson, John Phillips, Scott Schmitz, Mike Reason

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Red: 1:17:25 Roland Hansson (LAOC)

Green: 1:30:54 Eugene Kiperman (LAOC)

Brown: 1:27:45 Clare Durand (LAOC)

Orange: 1:38:16 Angel Ramos-Lopez (no club)

Yellow: 1:01:16 Nikita Phillips (LAOC)

White: 1:04:52 Victoria Phillips (LAOC)


Red: 2:29:52 Thinking Reasons (LAOC)

Green: 2:53:53 Bike Girlz (LAOC) 

Yellow: 0:41:36 Red Pandas (no club)

White: 0:39:11 Jennings Family (LAOC)