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Holiday Lights 2021 DIY

Downtown Orange

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Many Thanks to course setter Kim Pincus for once again sharing her neighborhood's lights with us. 27 people registered for the event with 11 submitting results. Alex Kiperman made it to all but number 40 with two minutes to spare. A few of the controls were a little bit tricky, but did have a correct answer.

  • At number 11 although there were a small number of large snowmen, there were additional snowmen on the wreath, for a total of 12. Only the correct answer of 12 was accepted.

  • At number 13, both a mouse and a bird were on the birdhouse. Either answer was accepted.

  • At number 30 the correct answer should have been 8, but this was not a choice. Everyone who gave an answer for this question was given credit.

The informal gathering on the 19th attracted about a dozen participants. It was nice to see some friendly faces.

Have a Happy New Year, everyone!

Link to results spreadsheet

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