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LAOC Club Gear

LAOC Competition Uniform


LAOC is currently designing a new uniform jersey for competition wear. We are working with the Bryzos company. At present we are split between two design choices. Those who order will be able to let us know their preference and we will make a final decision based on those order preferences. Designs shown are close to final, but minor modifications may still be made.  

Pricing Estimate

While we have base pricing in Euros for each item, we don't yet know what additional tax and shipping costs might be. The prices below are estimates and may change slightly once the order is finalized and shipped. There would be additional shipping charges if we have to send you the items as opposed to you picking them up at an event.

  • Jersey     $30 to $35

  • Jacket     around $50

  • Pants      $25 to $30 (will likely just be standard O pants in a blue color - no special design)


See the Bryzos sizing chart for information on ordering the correct size. Note that orienteering gear is often designed to fit snugly. if you prefer a looser fit, consider ordering a larger size. Clare has a medium size Bryzos jersey that she will bring to upcoming events for others to see.

The order for uniforms has been placed with Bryzos. Those who ordered will be notified when the uniforms are available and payment is due.


LAOC T-Shirts


LAOC standard T-shirts come in a variety of colors. They feature the club logo on the front and our classic club T-shirt design on the back.

T-shirts are $10 and can be purchased through John Phillips.

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