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Youth League Information
Welcome to the LAOC California Outdoor Orienteering League

Note: Highlighted text is proposed rule changes for the 2024-2025 season


The purpose of LAOC COOL (California Outdoor Orienteering League) is to encourage youth participation and competition in the sport of orienteering. League members earn points for themselves and their school or group every time they compete. Awards are given at the end of the season for those with the largest point totals.

Registering for the League

COOL members receive LAOC member rates until the beginning of the next League season. League registrations for the new season are generally accepted when the school year begins so you can receive membership rates for your new team members at pre-season events. Purchase your League memberships when you register for an event. During the off-season, you may purchase a standard student membership and then add the COOL awards fee when the season starts.



Anyone currently enrolled in a home, elementary, middle, junior, or senior high school and participating in LAOC events is eligible. Compete for your school or for any other organized youth group.

What does it cost?

There are three membership options to join the League:

  • COOL Individual Membership ($15.00) - The Individual Membership fee pays for a student membership plus a League awards fee. This membership will be attached to a specific student's name and is non-transferable. Only that named student is a member and will receive discounts. Best for students who participate consistently.

  • COOL Transferable Membership ($20.00) - The Transferable Membership pays for a membership slot at each event for a specific COOL unit. This membership type is only available for units participating in the League. This membership may be used by a different student at each event. For example, if your school purchases five COOL transferable memberships, then you may bring up to five students to each event at the member rate. It does not have to be the same five students each time. Every student who runs under the membership will earn COOL points and be eligible for League awards.

  • Awards fee addition to existing membership - Students who are already LAOC members because they or their family has a membership only need to pay a $5.00 awards fee to join the league.

A school may have a combination of Membership types.


Event Fee (each time) $5.00/student plus $2.00 for each estick rental -- this reflects a $5 discount from the usual non-member rate of $10



How do I register for the League?

We have incorporated League information into our standard event pre-registration form. All you need to do is register for the event. Be sure to select your unit and grade when asked.
At your first COOL event of the season, make a COOL membership selection from the Membership Renewal choices.
COOL members are LAOC members. Be sure to select LAOC as your club and to indicate your membership to receive your discount.
You may then pay online or bring your fees to the event.

You may register for COOL up to the third event from the end of the season. You will only earn points for events you attend on or after paying your League fees.

Registering for an event

AT EACH EVENT YOU MUST BRING THE LAOC STANDARD WAIVER WITH A PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN SIGNATURE. Signatures of youth group leaders will not be accepted in lieu of the parent. Be sure to print the form out in advance and get the appropriate signatures before bringing it to an event. 

COOL members should use our online preregistration system to register for events. You will have an estick and a map reserved for you. It also facilitates proper scoring of team entries. Preregistation for each event is usually available one to two weeks prior to the event. The link to preregistration will be found on the event information page. There is a $10 late fee to register on site after preregistration has closed.

Be sure to indicate your COOL unit and grade. Entries not easily identifiable as COOL members in the results may be missed in the scoring process.

Submission of an accurate team roster is the responsibility of the participants. Please be sure that team member names typed into preregistration forms are accurate and/or submit an updated team roster at each event. If the individual members of a group entry cannot be determined then the team will not receive a score.


Can’t read a map? Don’t worry. Online beginner instruction is available and you may ask at any event to receive additional instruction and answers to your questions.. 


A compass is strongly recommended and a whistle is required. A limited number of compasses are available for rental at each event. Wear clothing that is comfortable to run in. Full leg covering and shoes with good traction (trail running or soccer shoes) are recommended. You may want to bring a change of clothes for after the race.

Electronic Punching

A SPORTident (SI) electronic punch card is required at most events. If you do not own one, you may rent one separately for each event. The SI punch card electronically records each control you visit and when you visit it. Epunch allows you to see your “split” time to each control after you download at the finish. Results calculations are fast and accurate. Replacement cost for a lost SI punch card is $40. SI cards are available for purchase from


Competition Categories
Primary Male 6th grade and under - White (Basic)
Primary Female 6th grade and under - White (Basic)
Open White 7th to 12th grade - White (Basic)
Intermediate Male 9th grade and under - Yellow (Intermediate)
Intermediate Female 9th grade and under - Yellow (Intermediate)
Open Yellow 10th to 12th grade - Yellow (Intermediate)
Jr Varsity Male 12th grade and under - Orange (Advanced)
Jr Varsity Female 12th grade and under - Orange (Advanced)
Varsity Male 12th grade and under - Green (Expert)
Varsity Female 12th grade and under - Brown if available, otherwise Green (Expert)


Each entry from a school or group competes separately for points. Scoring is based on your place on your course compared to other COOL entries in the same category that day. Varsity competitors who run up to longer courses will receive points based on their time as if they had run the shorter course. If you run as a group entry, the points are divided by the number of people running together. Participants who run as individuals will earn the most points:

1st place - 50 points
2nd place - 47 points
3rd place - 45 points
4th place - 43 points
5th place - 41 points
6th place - 40 points

In situations where the standard course structure is not used and students from varying categories are on the same course, you will be scored in the category you most recently ran in. You can not earn more points than someone from a lower category who performs better than you.

For places beyond 6th the points will go down one point for each place. The lowest score an entry will earn for successful completion of the course within the time limit is 20 points. DNF or OT will score 1 point for each correct control punched within the time limit.

Your individual overall league score will be the sum of your top five scores for the season. Ties will be broken by reducing the number of scores counted (i.e best four, best three, best two, best one)

The best five individual scores from each school at each level (Primary, Intermediate, JV, Varsity) will be added to make up the school score for each event. The overall school league score at each level will be the sum of the top five school scores for the season.

COOL League members serving as course setters for a League event will receive automatic points for that event. The points you earn will match placing points based on the number of course setters (see examples below). To earn setting points, you must be involved in course design and vetting, not just control hanging. Contact Clare for more information if you would like to volunteer to set at a COOL event.

Single course setter 50 points

Two people working together as course setters - 47 points each


To be eligible to receive an individual award medal, you must participate in the same category at least three times. To be eligible to receive a school team trophy, you must field a team of at least three participants in the same category at least three times. It does not need to be the same three participants each time. Awards will be presented at the end of the season to the top three overall league scores in each category. Trophies will be presented to the top three schools at Primary, Intermediate, JV, and Varsity levels. COOL individuals with three or more scores at differing levels will be eligible for an award in the category in which they competed most often. An individual who has the same number of runs in multiple categories will be eligible for an award in the category in which their score is the highest. It is best to be consistent and enter the same category all season long. All COOL members receive the LAOC annual youth orienteering patch as a token of their participation in the league.


2024-2025 Proposed Season Schedule

  • TBD

Volunteer Duty

Each group registering students for COOL will be asked to provide volunteer crew for at least one event during the season. Please let me know when you can help out. On the day that you help you should expect to arrive by 9:00 am and to leave between 3:00 and 4:00 pm.


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