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Current and Future Events

In-person events

(proposed) indicates that we have not yet secured that site for that date

(pending) indicates that we have contacted the venue, but permits are not yet secured

October 1 - Fullerton Urban Discovery

October 29 - Big Horse Corn Maze

November 5 - Tahquitz (pending)

November 17-19 Camp Scherman training weekend (pending)

December 10 - Pierce College (pending)

December 17 - Red Rock Canyon (proposed)

December - Christmas Light Urban Discovery 

January 7 - Vasquez Rocks (proposed)

January 21 - Santa Fe Dam - Area 11 NJROTC Regional Champs (proposed)

February 10-11 - Schabarum - Youth/Valentine weekend (proposed)

February 25 - Firestone (proposed)

March 3 - Bonelli COOL finals (proposed)

If you'd like to help out with any event please let Clare know your preferred venue and/or date.

Currently Open Do-It-Yourself Events

We currently have the following DIY events available. You register, download the map, and then go on your own schedule to the venue to complete the course and submit your results. Controls are based on smart phone GPS locations, and no physical controls are on the courses.

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