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Orienteering Resources

Local Clubs

San Diego OC - San Diego, CA

Bay Area OC - San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Gold Country Orienteers - Sacramento, CA

Tucson OC - Tuscon, AZ

Greater Phoenix OC - Greater Phoenix, AZ

O Federations

Orienteering USA

The national organization for orienteering: Information for beginners, contacts for clubs nationwide, national event schedule and much more.

International Orienteering Federation (IOF)

Includes event schedule, IOF rules, various publications.

International Rogaining Federation

Other O sites


A collection of training tips & commentary.  Also an excellent resource for the serious orienteer who wants to improve.


National directory of "Goat" and other long course events.​

Radio Orienteering

(Amateur Radio Direction Finding - ARDF)

The Thinking Sport

Regional calendar for Southwestern US. LOAC's past events and website, articles

Outdoor Adventure Racing


Urban and wild map adventures

Nav-X Challenge

Nav- X Challenge Series is a collection of map trekking events in Northern California

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