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Holiday Hunt 2022

Opening Date:



December 21, 2022

Closing Date:

January 1, 2023

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Virtual Photo Orienteering. Hunt for holiday animals in the pictures and match with the map circles.


Photo O

Event Information and Instructions


How to play:

(1) The map
The hunt is set at Huntington Central Park, ISSprOM, 1:4,000 scale, 2m contours. 

The map shows 31 control circles numbered 101-131. At the center of each circle one of the five starring holiday plushies was placed and a picture taken. 

(2) The pictures
This Flickr album of the pictures is also linked from our Photos tab. The first picture shows the five plushies used so you can see their colors. They are: 

  • Blue Bear

  • Green Elf

  • White Reindeer

  • Yellow Parrot

  • Red Moose

The pictures are labeled with letters "A" through "Z" and "AA" through "EE." Each picture goes with one of the circles, but they are mixed up. You need to figure out which picture is of which circle, Keep in mind that they might be taken from any angle.
Once you decide which picture goes with a circle, find the holiday plushie in the picture and make note of its color.

(3) The answer form
This is a Google form. For each circle it asks what color is the animal in a specific numbered circle. At the end of the form are three bonus questions to be used for tie-breaking. They go with the three pictures labeled Bonus 1, Bonus 2, and Bonus 3.

When you've finished, reward yourself with a holiday treat!
Happy Hunting!

Safety Information

This event can be completed in whatever safe spot you choose.

Registration and Pricing

This event is now closed.


Map is of Huntington Central Park, but you don't actually have to go there.

Race Management
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Course Setter: John Phillips

Forms and website management: Clare Durand

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