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Holiday Lights 2021


December 18, 2021


Downtown Orange


DIY Urban Discovery

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Dec 18 to Jan 1. Informal Gathering on Dec 19.


Explore the Christmas Light displays of old town Orange with this Do-it-Yourself street orienteering event.


DIY Urban Discovery

Map and Course Notes

Street O map of old town Orange

Score-O with a 90 minute time limit

Additional Information

This do-it-yourself event will be open throughout the holidays. It is recommended that you go earlier in the season and at night. Some houses may take down their decorations early and some decorations may be hard to see in daylight.  The format will be Urban Discovery. You will download a map and questions that go with each control site. At each site you find the answer to the corresponding question. When you are finished, you will upload your answers through a Google form for scoring.

This event is a score O event. Points are assigned based on the distance from the start. The start will be at the parking structure at the corner of Lemon and Maple in Old Towne Orange.

The time limit is 1.5 hours (90 minutes). Please time yourself. You should start and end your time at the same place at the parking structure. You are On Your Honor to report your correct time and the answers that you found while completing the course. Only answer questions for the sites you actually visited.

Informal gathering - December 19 at 5:30pm - meet at the Lemon/Maple parking garage.

On the evening of December 19, we encourage those interested in a more social experience to meet together at the start location to enjoy a mass start. Some may be meeting up for dinner or apps afterward. You are still responsible for registering and downloading your own map and course questions to bring with you.

To gauge attendance, we have created a Facebook event. Please let us know there if you plan to attend.

Old Towne Orange is an architectural gem in the city of Orange, featuring Craftsman style houses as well as Tudor and French country. Many of the houses are well over 100 years old. Every year, Old Towne has a friendly competition on who can decorate their house the best for the Holiday.

Registration and Pricing

Registration Form

Fill out the registration form and waiver and you will be emailed a link to the map, questions, and answer submission form. You are responsible to print and bring your own map and questions with you. 

Answer submission will close at midnight on Sunday, January 2. Results will be posted sometime after that.

Have Fun!

This is a free event


Old Town West Parking Structure

130 N Lemon St

Orange CA 92866

Race Management
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Course Setters: Kim and Allan Pincus

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