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Griffith Park DIY Navigation Challenge







Open as of June 4, 2021

Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA

Four Hour Score-O



The perfect antidote for June Gloom is a nice long hike in Griffith Park!

This year's Navigation Challenge will be Do-It-Yourself style. We recommend getting out there soon on a nice cool morning before summer gets too intense. Because of the DIY event, we are able to use some parts of the park that we haven't been to in a while. This area is more heavily used by equestrians. Please be respectful of the horses and give them the right-of-way.

The course is designed to be completed by staying on roads and trails. Please stay on trails or in obvious day use areas. Many off-trail areas are steep and treacherous and are home to snakes and poison oak.

No water has been placed on the course but many drinking fountains are available throughout the park, including up in the hills.

This event uses app-based punching. There are no streamers in the terrain.


This is a Score-O event with a time limit of 4 hours.

Your goal is to amass as many points as possible within a four hour limit. Each control is worth points based on its control number. Round down to the nearest multiple of 10 to get the point value (e.g. control 56 is worth 50 points). If you are late returning to the finish, you will lose 30 points for each minute late. That's a big penalty, so be on time!


DIY event - go at your convenience during park hours. We recommend early in the day to avoid the heat.​

Running the course

Course punching is implemented with the MapRun app.

Instructions on using MapRun (Thanks to Bill Cusworth of BAOC for letting us use his write-up)

MapRun official website page

Important Notes for this event

We recommend that you download the app and the course prior to leaving for the site. That way you know that everything is working.
Because of Map and GPS inaccuracy, you should use the printed map for navigation. The control circles in the app may not be centered correctly on the map, but the app will punch in the correct place relative to the printed map.


Control 81 was place incorrectly in the app. It will not punch in the proper place. If your track shows that you visited the circled location, we will give you credit.

You may have difficulty getting control 104 to punch since there is limited space there to allow for tolerance. If your track shows that you went there we will give you credit.


We recommend that you bring water with you. You will find opportunities to refill your bottle along the course.
If you go alone, please make sure someone knows when to expect you home and has a copy of the map.


Please fill out this form to register and accept the waiver. Links to the maps will be emailed to you after registering.

There is no charge for this event.


Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA

Start and Finish at Mineral Wells Picnic Area

Race Results

View our Race Results page to see the results.

Race Management

Race Director and Course Setter: Clare Durand

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