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Mt. Pinos DIY Classic 2021







Open as of June 18, 2021

Mt. Pinos, CA

Classic - White, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green



Technical and wide open alpine forest. One of LAOC's premier venues!

This Do-It-Yourself event uses app-based punching and features Classic Point-to-Point Courses.

This year's DIY courses are located in the lower portion of the map and don't overlap with the 2020 DIY courses. We've set the start and finish outside of the campground so you won't need to pay any camp fee to park.

Streamers were placed in June of 2021. We cannot say how long they will survive. You will download and print the map and then use the MapRun app on your phone to verify that you are at the correct location. 


White (beginner) - 2.0 km, 60 m climb, 10 controls

Yellow (intermediate) - 2.3 km, 75 m climb, 9 controls

Orange (Advanced) - 3.3 km, 175 m climb, 8 controls

Brown (short expert) - 4.0 km, 175 m climb, 8 controls

Green (medium expert) - 4.7 km, 240 m climb, 9 controls

Running the course

Course punching is implemented with the MapRun app.
Instructions on using MapRun (Thanks to Bill Cusworth of BAOC for letting us use his write-up)
MapRun official website page

The controls are also marked with pink streamers. Each streamer has "LAOC" and the control number written on it. Streamers are likely to disappear over time. Sometimes animals destroy them.

The Map

Upon registering and accepting the waiver, you will be emailed a link to the map file. This is a single PDF which contains all of the courses. You must print your own map. Maps are designed to print at 1:10,000 scale and fit on letter sized paper. Control descriptions are printed on the map. PIN code for the MapRun app is also printed on the map.


Important Notes for this event

BE SURE TO SELECT AND LOAD THE EVENT IN THE APP BEFORE YOU ARRIVE - cell phone service at Mt. Pinos can be spotty. Once you are there, you will be able to run the course if it is already loaded, but may not have a connection to download the course.
Similarly, you will need to make sure that your results upload after you have returned to a cell phone service area.
Because of Map and GPS inaccuracy, it is important that you use the printed map for navigation. The circles on the map in the app may not look like they are on the correct feature, but it will punch properly when you are in the printed circle.


Please choose a course that is suitable for your experience level. This area is remote and at high altitude. Be careful not to get dehydrated. Bring water with you. There is no water placed on the course and there is no water available on the mountain. Cell phone service is unreliable on this map. We recommend that you bring a buddy who will know if you finished safely. If you go alone, please make sure someone knows when to expect you home and has a copy of the map.


Please fill out this form to register and accept the waiver. Links to the maps will be emailed to you after registering.

There is no charge for this event.


From I-5, take exit 205 for Frazier Mountain Park Rd. Turn west onto Frazier Mountain Park Rd.
Continue straight through all intersections for about 17 miles until you have passed the McGill campground. Park in one of the turnouts along the road between the start triangle and finish circle.

Race Results

View our Race Results page to see the results.

Race Management

Race Director: Clare Durand

Course Setters: Bruce Garbaccio and Kim Pincus

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