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Echo Park Urban Discovery 2024

Elysian Park and surrounding neighborhood

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Course Setter Notes:

There were several typos on the question sheet that caused some confusion, and one other issue. These included the following.

Control 342 - The correct answer for the name of the hill was "Stuck Truck". There was a sign at the bottom of the hill with this name. Several people answered "Cerro Gordo" which was the name of the street which could also be considered correct. Since the intent of these questions was to verify you visited the control and not that you can solve a trick question, I also gave credit for the alternate answer.

Control 433 - The street address of 1523 was incorrect and should have been 1814. I gave credit for an "E" answer for this question.

Control 455 - The question sheet said "tree truck" which should have been "tree trunk". This resulted in several people looking for a vehicle which was somehow connected to trees instead of the mural of a learning tree that was at the location. I gave credit for an "E" answer for this question.

There were also some interesting results for control number 155. The correct number of benches in the rest area was 2. If you look carefully at this location on the map you will see two small circles. Each of these is a rest area. The southern one has 1 bench and the northern one has 2. The control circle on the northern rest area. 30% of the people that answered this question gave "1" for the answer which was incorrect.

Link to clue sheet

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