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Fullerton Urban Discovery 2021

Troy High School

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Thanks to Troy NJROTC and especially cadet James Wofford for putting this together on short notice. There were some course issues so it's taken a while to sort out. John Phillips and son John helped out by vetting the course after the fact to check how each question should be scored.

Scoring: The instructions posted on site indicated that the answer "E" should be given if the right answer didn't exist, but many people didn't see that. They assumed that the posted instructions were an exact match to what had been emailed in advance. Lesson - always double check the postings on site for last minute information.

Anyone who wrote anything on the form that made it look like they visited a problematic site was given credit, whether or not they answered E. Credit was also given for people who visited sites without a question if they wrote something on their form to indicate that. One team was disqualified because their answer sheet looked like they just guessed at everything and did not stick to answering for sites they had visited.

Score column shows your score based on points for sites you visited with deductions for wrong answers. Deductions for coming in late are in a separate column. Results are sorted by Final Score with ties broken by time.

Link to results spreadsheet

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