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Mount Pinos June 2023

Los Padres National Forest near Frazier Park, CA

Sunday, June 25, 2023

This meet was put together on very short notice when Bluff Lake had to be canceled. Thanks to all who made it possible, especially the Course Setting clinic participants. All of the setting was done by this team who attended two Zoom meetings, one advance field day, and came very early on the day of the event to place controls. Their courses were well received and we're looking forward to seeing more course setting from them in the future.

Thanks to everyone who came to enjoy the courses! Alex Kiperman won the Green course handily. And watch out for those Wykoffs! Jonathan and Harrison Wykoff were the winners on Brown and Orange, respectively. Team Tamstorf squeaked out a win by a few minutes on Yellow and Wayne Cottrell whizzed through the White prior to tackling the tough Orange course.

Thanks to all the volunteers who made this event possible:

Course design and setting - Rich Hoesly, Bruce Garbaccio, Elena Vinnichenko, Sergei Vinnichenko

Course Setting Clinic Instructor - Clare Durand

Preregistration - Allan Pincus

Registration Table - Clare Durand

Start - Darren Robinson, Clare Durand

Finish - Bruce Garbaccio

Control pickup - Nikita Phillips, Alan Perez, Bruce Crabtree, Michael Hart, Sergei Vinnichenko, Elena Vinnichenko, Kim Pincus

Event Director - Clare Durand

  Place      Time     Name                         Club              COOL                  

Green  (14)             5.1 km  250 m 12 C 

      1   1:06:36     Alexander Kiperman           LAOC                                    

      2   1:15:09     Mikhail Biryukov             LAOC                                    

      3   1:28:03     Nikita Phillips              LAOC                                    

      4   1:33:00     Sergey Biryukov              LAOC                                    

      5   1:36:09     Ken Vomaske                  BAOC                                    

      6   1:38:32     Ron Sandvick                 SDO                                     

      7   1:41:00     Eugene Kiperman              LAOC                                    

      8   1:58:49     Richard Dekany               LAOC                                    

      9   2:15:34     Brad Weyers                  LAOC                                    

     10   2:16:15     Kimberly Pincus              LAOC                                    

     11   2:46:32     Ryan Dekany                  LAOC                                    

     12   2:58:35     Stein Husoy                  none                                    

              dnf     Sue Dekany                   LAOC                                    

              dnf     Gene Mason                   LAOC                                    

Brown  (6)              4.0 km  210 m 10 C 

      1   1:25:44     Jonathan Wykoff              none                                    

      2   2:46:14     John Phillips                LAOC                                    

      3   2:55:17     Super Sloths                 LAOC                                    

              dnf     Gary Kraght                  BAOC                                    

              dnf     Cygnus Dekany                LAOC                                    

              dnf     Olga Kraght                  BAOC                                    

Orange  (14)            3.5 km  165 m  9 C 

      1   1:18:31     Harrison Wykoff              none                                    

      2   1:37:32     Allan Pincus                 LAOC                                    

      3   2:23:55     Bruce Crabtree               LAOC                                    

      4   2:27:08     Peter Arbogast               LAOC                                    

      5   2:32:27     Alan Perez                   LAOC                                    

      6   2:46:20     Logan Perez                  LAOC                                    

      7   2:46:48     Peter Wykoff                 none                                    

      8   3:01:45     Michael Hart                 none                                    

      9   3:53:38     Alex Mason                   none                                    

              dnf     Minjae Jeon                  LAOC                                    

              dnf     Hogg's Hollow                none                                    

              dnf     Bubblz & H                   none                                    

              dnf     Rasmus Tamstorf              SDO                                     

              dnf     Wayne Cottrell               LAOC                                    

Yellow  (4)             2.9 km  139 m 11 C 

      1   1:13:03     Team Tamstorf                none                                    

      2   1:17:44     MAJ                          none                                    

      3   1:37:59     No Directions Needed         LAOC                                    

      4   1:57:51     Bruce Untiedt                none                                    

White  (2)              2.0 km  54 m  9 C 

      1     21:07     Wayne Cottrell               none                                    

      2     45:10     Team Young                   none                                    

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