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Santa Monica DIY Urban Discovery 2021







Opening date unknown

Santa Monica, CA

Urban Discovery with puzzle


Third Street Promenade

A new twist on our Urban Discovery format at a new venue!

New course setter Christopher Bates has brought his love of puzzling to Orienteering. Explore the area around the Third Street Promenade and the Santa Monica pier while solving a few puzzles.

Do-It-Yourself format - we will not have any public gathering associated with this event. Instead, participants will download the map and puzzle clues and go on their own personal schedule to the event site to orienteer.


Find control sites in any order with scoring for each control found plus bonuses for puzzle solutions. Find as many or as few as you would like.

Pick your own start/finish, but you must finish at the same place you start.

Distance to get them all is around 8km (5 miles). Minimal climb. Urban streets.

Time yourself. No time limit. Results will be ordered first by score and then by reported time spent on course.

Running the course

Detailed instructions will be part of the map download.

The Map

Upon registering and accepting the waiver, you will be emailed a link to the map and instructions. You must print your own map. Be prepared to carry a few pieces of paper and something to write with on the course.


This is a heavy traffic area. Please obey all pedestrian traffic laws, cross streets in cross walks, and watch for other pedestrians.


Registration Link coming soon!

There is no charge for this event.

NOTE: The registration, map, and instructions are implemented through Google docs and forms. Some school or work based domains do not allow access to these tools. If you have problems please use a personal account for access.


Downtown Santa Monica, CA. Third Street Promenade area. Park wherever you choose on or near the map. Plan to pay for parking in public parking garages. 

Race Results

Results will be posted at a future date

Race Management

Race Director: Clare Durand

Course Setter and Puzzle Master: Christopher Bates

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