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Griffith Park Navigation Challenge

Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Griffith Park decided that they did not want us putting out our usual controls, so for the first time we tried using the MapRun app as the punching system for an in-person event. Most things went pretty smoothly, but we also learned along the way. We tried having pin flags with codes as a backup manual system, but we lost about a third of them, so it didn't work very well. It was important that people could download the course in advance. This could be a problem if the assembly area doesn't have service or a place close by to get service. It is likely that next year, we will do this event entirely with the app and not put out anything physical. We'd love to hear feedback on how you liked using the app at this event.

The course had a total of 36 controls with a total of 2,360 points available and four hours to get what you could. Alex Kiperman achieved the high score of the day visiting 27 controls for a score of 1,820 points. La Habra NJROTC Team 2 with 960 points was the top score for any entry that included a female. Mikhail and Sergey Biryukov amassed 1,360 points to be the top entry that included a Junior member.

Candy bar awards were distributed to the top scorers in the categories shown in the results below.

The MapRun app creates its own results file which also links to a routegadget where you can see everyone's route. Some official results do not match the MapRun results due to score adjustments made by the organizers.


Thanks to all the volunteers who made this event possible:

Course Design - Clare Durand

Pin Flag setting and Pickup - Rich Hoesly, Chris Cassone, Clare Durand, Karen Murphy

Preregistration - Allan Pincus

Start/Finish - Harvey Woo

Instruction - Gary Dolgin, Chris Cassone


MapRun Results

PIN: 0172


Overall  in       Name              Club    Course       Score


   1     1     Alexander Kiperman   LAOC  Male open       1820

   2     2     Searching for Catan  LAOC  Male open       1660

   3     3     Lorenzo Rossi        LAOC  Male open       1630

   4     1     Ron Sandvick         SDO   Male masters    1390

   5     1     Mikhail and Sergey   LAOC  Mixed age team  1360

   6     2     Eugene Kiperman      LAOC  Male masters    1300

   7     3     Richard Dekany       LAOC  Male masters    1230

   8     4     Wayne Cottrell       LAOC  Male masters    1140

   9     5     John","Kuechle       LAOC  Male masters    1090

  10     4     sage thompson        LAOC  Male open       1050

  11     6     Joseph He            LAOC  Male masters     980

  12     1     LaHabra NJROTC 2     None  Coed Juniors     960

  13     5     Adam Reilly          None  Male open        960

  14     2     Jennifer and Jeremy  None  Mixed age team   950

  15     3     The Harnettis        None  Mixed age team   940

  16     7     Alan Van Drie        None  Male Masters     930

  17     1     Laun Gone            LAOC  Coed Team        900

  18     6     Sergei Vinnichenko   None  Male open        880

  19     1     Marten Malelu        None  Female Open      850

  20     2     La Habra NJROTC 1    None  Coed Juniors     810

  21     2                          CPA   None","Coed Team 800

  22     7     The Lost Boys        None  Male open        770

  23     2     Clownfishin'         None  Female Open      710

  24     3     Team Hart            None  Coed Team        700

  25     3     Bikegirlz            LAOC  Female Open      620

  26     4     Brown Fox            LAOC  Coed Team        500

  27     4     Intrepid             None  Mixed age team   280

  28     4     Elena Vinnichenko    None  Female Open      250

  29     8     Orientears           None  Male open        220

  30     5     Kroger / W. Reilly   None  Coed Team        160

  31           Heuer-Jones          None  Mixed age team   DNF

  32           John Grieshaber      LAOC  Male open        OT

  33           MARS                 None  Coed Team        OT

  34           Team Lauper          LAOC  Mixed age team   OT

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